Vanessa & Darren's White Bigleaf Dining Table


It all started when ...

Vanessa walked into our studio one afternoon on her lunch break. The shop caught her eye and she wanted to know more about us. We started talking about our story, who we are and how we came to build furniture together. We must have made an impression because the next week Vanessa brought her husband Darren by our studio. One thing led to another and they began deliberating which slab of Bigleaf maple would become the centerpiece of their dining room.

Sometimes all you need to start a renovation is the right piece of furniture for inspiration. This flawless slab of Bigleaf maple was the impetuous for a refresh in Vanessa and Daren’s beautiful family home. 

Wood − Salvaged, live edge, Bigleaf maple slab
Finish − Custom white stain & Arm-R-Seal satin varnish
Size − L 84" x W 32−35" x H 30"
Legs − Hand-welded classic 3-pin Hairpin legs