Dreaming of a custom piece? Consider these points
and send us your inspirations.



What does your dream piece of custom furniture look and feel like? We are looking for these types of descriptions: light, soft, angular, heavy, clean, rough. We once had a customer give us only two criteria, the size and the feeling that a table was floating. This was one of the most exciting projects for us to make. This is your custom piece, so let’s make it exactly as you imagine.


These are the measurements of the piece, the space and the surrounding furniture. For example, if we are building you a dining table, then the measurements of your chairs and benches will be helpful in choosing a leg design. Measurements are also critical for an accurate quote. We don’t need all the details upon consultation; however, in order to make your piece perfectly suited to your environment, we will need the details in the building process. 


What kind of wood are you most attracted to? What are its characteristics: colour, figuring, texture, grain? Do you have a species of wood in mind? Do you like reclaimed or live edge? Will the piece have an application that would benefit from a specific quality (i.e. hardness or food safety)? Photos and or samples of existing finishes in the room are particularly helpful at this point. If we are matching existing finishes, we may have to make some samples for you to take home once your species of wood is chosen. It’s incredible how different a finish can look in different light. For more information about the types of wood we use, check out our wood section.


Do you have a design in mind? Will the legs/base play a supporting role or are they the statement in your custom piece? Do you like the natural colour of steel or would you prefer powder-coating? Colour can make a huge impact. We are capable of welding almost anything, so your imagination and budget are the only limits. We can assist you in this phase to ensure your desired effect is achieved.


We know everyone has a budget and realizing your dream piece of custom furniture within your budget is our goal.