Product Care

Your handcrafted STUDIO 126 original custom furniture piece is an investment that should increase in value over time. How much that value appreciates is dependent on how well you care for it. We recommend that you follow the instructions below to ensure that your furniture will provide a lifetime of service and enjoyment to your family. Studio 126 uses only the best finishing applications. The finish we use depends on the service requirements. Your Studio 126 original can be enjoyed for many years provided it receives the care and maintenance tailored to its finishing, intended use, and specific location.

OSMO Hardwax Oil

Hardwax oil is a soft, natural finish that enhances grain and allows wood to breathe. It is among one of the most easily repairable wood finishes. In general, surface marks can be wiped away using a clean, damp cloth. All commercial cleaners and polishes should be avoided. Because your dining table is made to last a lifetime, you may need to re-apply the hardwax oil periodically. Should any minor damages occur, surfaces can easily be touched up with no visible brush marks. Hardwax oil is hand applied with a buffing between coats, please see the manufacturer’s website for tips on maintenance and re-applying: www.

  • Durable— Hardwearing and extremely durable OSMO binds to wood grain and will not flake, blister, or peel
  • Beautiful — Preserves the look and feel of natural wood
  • Eco-Friendly — Engineered from natural, renewable oils and waxes, leaves nothing toxic behind when dry
  • Safe — Conforms to strict European standards for health and purity, approved even for use on children's toys
  • The surface becomes water-repellent, dirt-resistant and resistant to wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juices, milk and water, according to DIN 68861-1A (German Industry Standard)

Arm-R-Seal Varnish

Arm-R-Seal topcoats are made with only the highest quality urethane resin, making them extremely durable and long lasting. They are formulated to be wiped on with a cloth or applied with a foam brush, thus eliminating drips and sags. They penetrate to provide deep down protection while maintaining that "natural" look to the wood. As with any wood finish, prevention is the key to longevity. Be diligent in wiping up liquids, use coasters whenever possible, and never place hot vessels of any kind directly on the tabletop. Deep scratches and discolouration due to moisture or heat may require professional refinishing to repair. With the proper care and maintenance, you will keep your piece in peak condition and enjoy it for years to come.

The best way to clean a varnished surface is with a water-damp rag. If your surface requires deep cleaning due to grease or grime build-up, add a speck of detergent or a bit of vinegar to your damp rag. Avoid using oil-soap or silicone-based daily cleaners such as Pledge, Endust or Murphy's Oil. These products and the chemicals in other cleaners can contaminate your finish, preventing adhesion of future finishes. One exception: we have successfully cleaned with Clorox wipes.

NOTE: Do not clean furniture until the finish has cured completely, 30 days for oil based varnish.

  • Colour — Warm amber tone. This finish will continue to darken slightly over time.  
  • Sheen — Available in Satin, Semi-Gloss & Gloss
  • Durability — Highest with a hardness (Koeing): 77