Natural Materials that Last Hundreds of Years

100% Solid WOOD

We have a strong environmental commitment to use locally sourced salvaged and reclaimed wood. We’ve used wood from stately old Bigleaf maple, black walnut, elm and oak fallen in storms that would otherwise have been turned into firewood or mulch. By using salvaged wood, we are maintaining a small carbon footprint, and at the same time taking the opportunity to capture the beauty of large, 100+ year old trees, preserving them forever in the heirloom pieces we create. These pieces are full of history, and the enormous single slab or book-matched tables that we create are living monuments to their previous grandeur.

Hand-welded steel

All our frames, legs and structures have been fabricated with strength in mind. Our knowledge received through apprenticeship training, Journeyman certification, industry professionals and engineers, has given us the skills required to hand build every piece of furniture with quality & craftsmanship. The two main processes we use at Studio 126 are metal inert gas (MIG) & tungsten inert gas (TIG.) Both use an inert gas to protect the weld zone from atmospheric contamination, which produces a high-quality weld. No grinding required! We like to say it's earthquake proof furniture.