Locally Salvaged Live Edge Slabs

Our live edge slab inventory is carefully handpicked to offer breathtaking one-of-a-kind pieces of functional art. We currently stock salvaged Bigleaf Maple, Black Walnut, Elm and Silver Maple. For more information check out our wood section.


Bettina & Nick's Hourglass Live Edge Maple dining Table

We had this beautiful hourglass shaped, locally salvaged Big Leaf maple slab sitting in the shop for quite a while. Many people were intrigued by it but no one would take a chance on it...


Tina & Justin's Rhizome live edge Maple dining Table


Cornelia & Matthew's Black Walnut live edge dining Table



Nick, Linnie and Ella were some of our earliest customers, closest friends and biggest promoters. After 5 years in Vancouver they decided to move back home to Germany.


Vanessa & Darren's White BigLeaf Dining Table

Vanessa walked into our studio one afternoon on her lunch break. The shop caught her eye and she wanted to know more about us. We started talking about our story, who we are and how we came to build furniture together.


GRACE & MARK's Mappa Burl Dining Table

Mark & Grace had wild dreams of seating 20 people in their new Gastown condo. We always ask customers to outline their table on the floor with painters tape and live with it for a few days, before making a final decision on size.


Erica & Peter's Pasley Island Maple Dining Table


Jen & Christian's Whitewashed Live Edge Maple Dining Table