Bettina & Nick's Hourglass Live Edge Maple Table


It all started when...

We had this beautiful highly figured, hourglass shaped, locally salvaged Big Leaf maple slab sitting in the shop for quite a while. Many people were intrigued by it but no one would take a chance on it. The variance in the width of the slab was too much for most people, but in fact it was a classic proportion: 36-24-36. We started working on the slab in our spare time to give people an idea of what it would look like; then we started to fall in love with it. That is when the spark for the base came to Anna. A quick sketch and Ryan knew what Anna had in mind. 

The slab still in progress was sitting on that base for two days when Bettina and Nick walked by. They claimed this beauty for themselves the next day. It required some serious sacrifice. In order to make this table fit in their home they sold a sofa, a dining table and all their chairs as well as redecorated their open concept living/dining room. Now that's love. We shed a tear upon hearing this news.

Wood − Sustainably sourced live edge Big Leaf maple slab
Finish − Hand applied Osmo Polyx-Oil
Size − L 96" x W 24­ - 36" x H 30" 
Legs − Custom designed, hand-welded Hourglass base