STUDIO 126 is not just about building furniture. It is about handcrafting furniture that tells a unique story - your story.




We were living in an empty 380 sqft apartment. We needed furniture, but because of the tiny size, it needed to be specific and proportional to the space we had to work with. When every inch of functional space matters, you are very critical about what you bring into your home, especially with a baby on the way. After months of searching for furniture that not only fit our home but also aligned with our values of sustainability, quality and community we were disappointed at the lack of options. So, we decided to build our own custom furniture: table, bench, side table and shelving. We searched for the right pieces of reclaimed wood, welded our legs and frames, met many people along the way and asked a lot of questions. Many of those early relationships continue to thrive.

With Ryan's background in welding and Anna's degree in Fine Arts and Design, we were able to draft and handcraft pieces that fit our home perfectly. Hence our motto "Custom, because it fits."  With small and challenging living spaces all around the city, finding the right pieces of furniture was exhausting. We knew we couldn't be alone. After all, Vancouver was filled with people who loved nature and shared our values. Our hunch was confirmed when we were invited to be part of a booth at the Vancouver Fall Home Show in 2013. Our sustainable handcrafted custom pieces were a success, and we received our first custom orders that week. We decided to take a chance and open a studio and with big risks came big rewards. We continue to be inspired by our adventures in nature, by our children and the kind of world that we want for them. 


Journeyman "Red Seal " B Pressure Welder &
Level II Canadian Welding Bureau Inspector

After completing high school, Ryan started his welding apprenticeship. For years, he worked in fabrication shops making accessories for heavy duty equipment then building and maintaining petrochemical plants. Eventually, he moved up to quality control and quality assurance in oil and gas ensuring programs were implemented and maintained along with visual inspections. After receiving his Journeyman ticket, he traveled extensively and honed his skills on numerous jobs sites over 18 years. Gaining knowledge while working with trades people from all over the world gave Ryan the hands-on skills to make just about anything. There was a downside to this career path, Ryan rarely slept in his own bed which was where the desire to change his career path came from. He knew something would take him on a new journey. That something turned out to be a someone, and her name was Anna. 


Visual Artist, Designer, Administrator,
Master Printmaker & Mother

Robert, Anna's father, always told her "you can learn how to do anything from books." Despite knowing this (and acquiring hundreds of books), she still spent too many years in school. Her time there was invaluable to her success as an artist and designer; it has informed everything she does. She can pinpoint the moment when years of schooling clicked, and she could suddenly see artwork from a new perspective. To see the merit in good art is one thing; to verbalize what a piece is missing and have the skill and tools to make it better is a different challenge. These days, after many residencies and private apprenticeships, Anna prefers a more collaborative form of education and creation. Working in partnership with Ryan, they design and build furniture inspired by nature. Making functional art that people use daily and will cherish for a lifetime is a dream come true.


and then she clearly understood
if he was fire, oh then she must be wood
— Leonard Cohen, Joan of Arc